Seeing how we are in the very last days, as prophesied, many false prophets have come forward claiming to be preaching truth unto God's people and it is our duty to expose them to protect the people of God. (See Ephesians 5:11) But in the USA alone, 99% of them have signed unto the long prophesied 501c3 contract that causes them to not only be tax exempt, which goes against Christ's command, (Also see Matthew 17:27) they also joined their churches and their ministries with the United States Government to do so. Back on March 7, 2006 President George W. Bush signed executive order #13397 into law.  Now yes, an executive order is only in force when the President that signs it is in office or the following President allows it to remain. But, when President Donald J. Trump came into office, he signed the 501c3 into permanent law on Sabbath day December 02, 2017.

With the stroke of that pen he caused all churches and ministries with the 501c3 contract to become permanent "Government Agencies." Or as prophecy called them long ago, they are all the apostate churches in bed with Rome that created an image to the beast system of Rome. For the only way to get a 501c3 contract to become tax exempt in the USA is you must incorporate your church or ministry. In layman's term that's means you must join hands in a legal contract with the State. And that State is the second beast of Revelation! That is an exact duplicate of the Church & State format of the Roman Catholic church and state beast system.

Now forming the image, is bad enough yes, but, as we have seen the last decade or so, these Government churches have also declared everything from homosexual marriage being acceptable unto God to the Islamic false god of Allah being the Christian God of the Bible. Not to mention many false doctrines and false prophecies that are designed to cause confusion among the people of God which will in turn cause billions to lose their salvation to die in hellfire with Satan and his many false prophets.

That being said, I have a page on my website called "Hirelings" wherein I list many dangerous preachers and ministers. But lately, these false preachers have been increasing in number all over the world to confuse the last generation of Christians so as to ready them for death in hellfire. But I am just one man and I have not the time to keep researching these men (and women) so as to expose them before the people as per the command of Ephesians 5:11. I do have over 500 preachers, pastors and ministers already logged with proof they are dangerous. But I need your help to find all of them.

What I plan to do is list YOUR FINDINGS on the Hirelings page so as to have a central location that the obedient people of God can use to warn the babes in Christ about the apostate preachers, pastors, and ministers they trust. Please fill out the form below with your findings and I will post them online.


NOTE: I will not post assumptions, rumors, insults, disagreements or any unresearched comments. I need rock hard Scriptural proof of what they preach or teach in writing or in video form. If you send me videos of them preaching error, please know that I will not be placing their videos on my servers. I only need you to send me a LINK to their video as well as the timeline location in the video where they preach the error. I do not have time to watch long videos. If you send me a video without stating wherein the timeline of the video they preach the error, I will simply delete the video as I am way too busy to verify hours of videos.

Please only send Sabbath keeping preachers, pastors and ministers. As per prophetic jurisprudence they are the only ones that we need expose as the Sunday keeping ministers are across the board in open sin and no exposure is necessary as any babe in Christ knows 1 Peter 4:17 clearly says, "For the time is come that judgment must begin at the house of God: and if it first begin at us, what shall the end be of them that obey not the gospel of God?"

The only true church is that which obeys God's law, for it is also written in 1 John 2:4 that, "He that saith, I know him, and keepeth not his commandments, is a liar, and the truth is not in him." And since all Sunday keeping churches already break God's law, then we must approach them with truth to try and help them repent. But those preachers, teachers and ministers that keep God's law yet stand in open sin in everything from false doctrine to false prophecies, Ephesians 5:11 clearly says we must"have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them." and reprove them we will so as to protect the flock!

If they have a 501c3 (as ALL of the false preachers do), I ask that you go to the official government 501c3 search engine, look them up, and then send me the exact link to the page that lists their church and or ministry. I will not accept anything less than actual data. My website is known for well documented sources on everything presented so as to prevent the nay sayers the ability to declare "that's just my opinion." Unless what you send can be proven, I simply cannot use it. We need to PROVE these men (and women) are in fact sinful so as to help and even protect the babes in Christ who I pray are future members of the eternal family in Christ.


The Presents of God ministry